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Watson Health and Safety Consultancy Ltd are here to help. We understand that trust is something that must be earn't and that is why we don't use sentencing  as a stick and carrot exercise to take on our services.

Three fundamental aspects of organisational health and safety practice to which all organisations will be able to relate to is;

Moral, Legal and Financial.

Moral. It is the right thing to do, right? Your employees are the heart of your business, therefore why wouldn't you treat them well?

Legal. There's just no way of getting away from legislation. As an employer, you do have a duty of care towards your employees and others. Legisaltion is here to guide and assist you.

Financial. This is where things can get out of control, breaches of health and safety can cost you in fines or even imprisonment. Accidents can also cost your company dearly, lost days, lost productivity, increased insurance premiums to name but a few.

In today's busy business climate, there's little time and as the saying goes, time is money. Do you want to be worrying that you're covered with health and safety, or would you prefer to build a lasting relationship, with a qualified reputable company, who can look after all of your safety, health and environmental needs?

Call today and lets have an informal chat about your business.

"Health and safety integration should be welcomed; certainly not feared"

I look forward to working with you.

Sean Watson - Grad IOSH


Health and safefty Consultant, health and safety ADVISOR, ISO, Audit, inspection, health and safety training

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All businesses must comply with legislation.

Understanding your business helps  to give the best advice possible.

A good, well maintinaed management system ensures you stay compliant and a step ahead.


A trained workforce is a safe workforce and also a quality workforce.

So, why train?

Training your employees ensures that you stay compliant and within the law.

Allowing untrained employees to undertake tasks could damage your business and reputation.

Audit &


Audits & inspections are the backbone in keeping you safe and compliant.

Accidents cost your company dearly and in the long term continued accidents could effect how you trade.

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